The daily work of a German voice-over specialist

Christian Büsen has been a native German voiceover artist for more than 20 years. He provides the voiceovers of many imagefilms, documentaries and advertising campaigns. Working from his own studio, he offers a fast turnaround for the main recording, and the same is true in case of any pickups. The clients are B2B companies or agencies from all over the world. The communication is mostly in English, but the recordings themselves are ordered in the German language. In just a few cases, the clients need a voice-over of an English script with a German accent. As many products are sold and used everywhere in the world nowadays, the need for German voice-over deliveries has increased accordingly.

Voice-over-friendly translations in German

The localisation of a master film into several languages is often the task of an agency, which orders the translations, proofreads them and – very importantly – checks the length of the adaption, especially when there are time-sensitive scripts for videos. If the translators are experienced with German voiceover work, they will know how to shorten the script by around 20%. German is approximately 20% longer, and so a summary of certain side aspects will be necessary. If this is taken into consideration at the right time of the localisation, the workflow can be optimised and several turnarounds with corrections can be avoided. This also makes the work for the German voice actor smoother.

On his website, which is also available in English, German voice-over artist Christian Büsen offers voice samples of different styles.