The German voice actor-skills and definition

Christian Büsen is a native German voice actor, („German Sprecher“) also known as a German voice talent. He works as a German voice actor from his own studio which is connected via fast broadband, thus allowing files or even videos to be sent in real time. Christian Büsen is a voice actor who has worked internationally since 1999. All aspects of the job can be discussed in English and then produced in German. Sometimes a recording in the English language is requested with a slight or strong German accent. Some German voice actors also offer this service . German voice actors“ do just that, the person behind the microphone actually acts and doesn´t just read aloud. Indeed different types of jobs require different acting skills, for example voiceovers are different to E-learning or lipsync jobs. German voice talent is another expression, but many voice actors prefer to be called actors, as they feel it more fully describes the skills, education and training required.

The working field for German voice actors

Due to closer international relations globalization process and the fact that Germany is an export nation, the amount of work for German voice actors has increased over the last decade. Clients are spread all over the world and can be B2B -clients or agencies that offer production of one audio project in several languages for their various target audiences. It is important for the success of a recording performed by a native German voice actor that time sensitive video scripts are kept within the timeframe required as German is about 20 percent longer than English. Therefore the translators of time -sensitive video scripts also need to decide which aspects of the script can be neglegted in order to keep to the timecode since it is impossible to deal with every detail of a topic. Scripts that are too wordy ultimately slow down the process and delay both agencies and German voice actors.

Also the style of a script needs to be maintained within a translation. Therefore a translation has to be done by the capable hands of a professional translator, whose mother tongue is the target language. This is important to achieve a good product .+